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uv germicidal lamps from the uv shop
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uv germicidal lamps from the uv shop

uv germicidal lamps from the uv shop
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uv germicidal lamps from the uv shop

UVc lamps are what we specialise in here at UVShop. Everything from cold cathode to germicidal, high output to U-shaped, and more we aim to offer the most common lamps on this website for you to order online.

Our UVc lamps and tubes come in a variety of different sizes, types and strengths which you can easily choose as you make your selections and when youíre done with your choices you can pay for the order online, having your order typically then delivered within 2-3 days.

All of our lamps are of a very high quality and conform to industry specifications, but if you require a lamp that you cannot see on our web site or a lamp customised to your needs please donít hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please take the time to view our website and we look forward to supplying you with the lights you need.

Bulk/Trade Orders For bulk and trade orders or scheduled orders please contact us for further discounts and specials. Trade Orders

International Orders We welcome overseas orders, please contact us for pricing on international shipping. International Orders

Featured Products

G11T5 - 11 Watts germicidal ultraviolet lamps for use with uv ultraviolet and germicidal filters, sterlisers and purifiers.

killing and inactivating bacterial viruses. 
treatment of air in air purifiers.
disinfection of drinking water, water purifiers, ultraviolet water.
waste water disinfection.
disinfection packing materials, bottles and jars.
ultraviolet sterilisers.

also for use with with fishtanks, pond filters including mini pond filters, koi pond filters. 
compatible with most popular filters including, blagdons, hozelock, vorton, bioforce, easyclear, aquaone, all pond solutions, fishmate, oase, bitron and others.

 from UV Shop G11T5 - 11 Watts
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uv germicidal lamps from the uv shop
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